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Discover Rohadi’s latest publication, “When We Belong. Reclaiming Christianity on the Margins.” 

Rohadi is a thought leader on building diverse organizations and communities, church planting, and decolonizing and deconstructing Christianity. He lives in Canada, on Treaty 7 Lands, otherwise known as Calgary. He holds a Business Certificate from Mount Royal College, a BA in Economics from the University of Calgary, and a Master of Divinity from Canadian Theological Seminary.

In the areas of church planting, missional thinking, and church revitalization, he is both practitioner and thought leader. He has planted two churches including an inner-city multi-ethnic expressions called Cypher Church. He has written extensively in the areas of missions and church leadership, calling for new thinking and practices. This includes his book, “Thrive. Ideas to lead the church in post-Christendom”.

His experience includes non-profit work in both governance and organizational development. He is the past-chair of ACT Alberta, one of the largest anti-human trafficking NGOs in Canada. He’s also a director with Mosaic Ministries.

Rohadi’s private sector experience includes his marketing consultancy firm.

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​Speaking/Workshop Events 2022

  • Star of the North – Leadership Retreat (April)
  • Cyclical Calgary – Faithful Innovation (May 26)
  • Lantern Church – 2022
  • Montreal Community Church – (July 3)

​Speaking/Workshop Events 2020

  • Church Planting Design Shop – Fall
  • Decolonizing Christianity (Cypher Church) – Bible Study Fall
  • New Ventures Canada – Sept. 30th


​Speaking/Workshop Events 2019

  • Church Planting Design Shop – January 18-19, Toronto
  • Design Shop – May 28th-30th, Saskatoon
  • Mosaic Ministries, Re-Imagine – September 14th, Calgary


Speaking/Workshop Events 2018

  • Pathfinders/Elemental West – April 7-8, Calgary
  • Vineyard National Gathering – July 25th, Montreal
  • Praxis Gathering V3 – September 26-28, Philadelphia
  • Re-Imagine Conference Parish Collective – October 19-20, Hamilton

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