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About Rohadi

Bi-vocational author, writer, pastor, entrepreneur, developer, and catalyst.



Rohadi is a Canadian who has lived in Calgary for over three decades. He holds a wide range of expertise beginning with his BA in Economics from the University of Calgary, and a Master in Divinity from Ambrose University.

In the areas of church planting, missional thinking, and church revitalization, he is both a practitioner and thought leader. He has planted two churches including an inner-city multi-ethnic expressions called Cypher Church. He has written extensively in the area of missions and church leadership calling the for new thinking and practices. This includes his book, “Thrive”, this blog with over a decade of posts, and his articles around the web for organizations including Sojourners, V3, New Leaf Network, and Mosaic Ministries.

His most recent work includes expertise in the areas of building diverse communities. As a multi-racial leader with Trinidadian, Chinese, and Japanese roots, he is aptly positioned to both develop emerging leaders of colour, and work with organizations seeking to improve diversity.

His experience extends into the non-profit sector in both governance and organizational development. He is the current chair of the largest anti-human trafficking NGO in Alberta, and a director with Mosaic Ministries.

Rohadi is bi-vocational (usually more than two!) with private sector experience including his marketing consultancy firm that’s over 15 years old.

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​Speaking/Workshop Events 2020

  • DCC – Feb 28th – March 3, S. Ontario
  • Church Planting Design Shop – Fall
  • Decolonizing Christianity (Cypher Church) – Bible Study Fall
  • New Ventures Canada – Sept. 30th


​Speaking/Workshop Events 2019

  • Church Planting Design Shop – January 18-19, Toronto
  • Design Shop – May 28th-30th, Saskatoon
  • Mosaic Ministries, Re-Imagine – September 14th, Calgary


Speaking/Workshop Events 2018

Contact me for details about your event on church planting, diversity, and innovation.

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PO Box 34252 Westbrook PO
Calgary, AB, T3C3W2

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Rohadi provides consultancy and speaking in a number of different areas including church planting, race and reconciliation, and non-profit development. Submit a request using the form below.

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