When We Belong. Reclaiming Christianity on the Margins. Now Available!

Searching for language to describe a faith and community where you can live out your whole being? I have a couple ideas.

Step into a journey toward liberation, belonging, and a faith that makes you whole again.

We need belonging to survive and thrive. For Christians who know the pain, isolation, and loss of identity that comes with the ongoing struggle to be seen in churches and institutions full of barriers to belonging, you are not alone. Sometimes it can feel easier to walk away from faith completely. But there is another way. When it feels as though there’s no place left to belong, Jesus invites us into a love that knows no bounds and a community that truly liberates.

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Soul Coats: Restoration

Inspirational adult coloring book. 64 pages of professionally illustrated scenes from the Bible like you’ve never seen before! Bulk quantity discounts available for ministries (up to 75% off).

Soul Coats: Restoration – Study Guide

Free downloadable study and reflection guide that accompanies my adult coloring book. A perfect addition for personal and small group gatherings.

#changethestory A Short Resource on Dismantling Racism in the Church

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When you sign up to my newsletter you will receive this E-book for free! #changethestory is an introductory resource is an excellent starting point for those embarking on the journey to anti-racism. It contains six short chapters including recommended reading lists, article links, videos and movie lists, and more! If you’re figuring out first or second steps towards embodying justice in faith and community, here’s a start.


Thrive. Ideas to lead the church in post-Christendom.

Published in 2017, my second book holds particular significance in the current/post-COVID world. How will the church re-imagine its posture in the midst of change? We can’t keep doing the same. Christianity in North America has been pushed to the margins. Society is less religious, church attendance is mostly stagnant, and now we’ve learned we can do without a Sunday service. In this context, leaders are struggling to find answers knowing we can’t go back in time, but unsure how to move forward with new ideas and vision.

Thrive will outline new ways of thinking and methods to re-imagine movement, change, and leverage new ideas in your church or community. We live in a moment of opportunity to thrive as church in God’s hope for a post-Christian world. Unlock features in you and your church to become co-creators in your cities, neighborhoods, and beyond.


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About Rohadi

Rohadi Nagassar (BA Econ., MDiv) is a writer, church planter, speaker, entrepreneur, and non-profit developer. He is the founder of Calgary Missional Church, and co-founder of a multi-ethnic urban church called Cypher Church. His writings include topic of re-imagining faith in a modern world, and anti-racism/justice.Rohadi operates a marketing consulting firm and small publishing house. He served as the Chair of the Board of directors for the Action Coalition on Human Trafficking Alberta and as a board member for Mosaic Ministries in Calgary. Learn more on the About page. Read more of his articles from around the web found below.